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Transportation - Getting Around in Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Buses - Sharjah


All buses in Sharjah, whether they be local or express, travel between 5:30am and 11:30pm at intervals ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. Local routes will cost AED4, express AED5. For all routes see http://www.stc.gov.ae/en/transport-services-public-routes.php ...

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Car for hire - Sharjah

Car for hire

To hire a car in Sharjah and the UAE in general, you’ll need a credit card and a current international driver’s license in addition to your own home license. Local agencies may be cheaper but major international ones have larger selections and better emergency back-up. Daily rates are estimated...

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Driving Tips - Sharjah

Driving Tips

•    Cars in the UAE are left-hand drives so naturally, you must drive on the right.
•    The speed limit is 60km/h in local areas, on the highways it is 80km/h.
•    The fine of speeding is AED200. ...

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From the airport - Sharjah

From the airport

A taxi ride from the airport in Sharjah will costs on average DH20. The Mowsalat bus service that runs to and from Sharjah International Airport has two routes: local and express. Express routes cost AED5 are 99 and 88: 99 from Al Jubail Terminal to Sharjah International Airport, 88 from Al Rolla...

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Metro - Sharjah


There is no metro service in Sharjah. ...

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Taxi - Sharjah


There are five taxi franchises that are supervised by the Sharjah Public Transport Corporation. These taxis operate in all parts of the Sharjah Emirate and it’s shopping centres, residentail areas and airport. Tariffs are varied depending on which region you are heading into and what hour of the...

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