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Shopping in Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Book Mall - Sharjah

Book Mall

A massive bookshop with a café and reasonable English language section with fiction and travel books; lf you wish to use the internet it costs DH5 per hour.

Pone: 574 9555
Location: Block C, Al-Qasba Canal
Opening Times: Sat-Thu 9am-11pm, Fri 4-11pm...

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Central Souq - Sharjah

Central Souq

Also called the Blue Souq, this shopping centre boast over 600 stores which are spread over two double storey buildings that are joined by two footbridges. The ground floor has all the designer boutiques and gold and jewellery shops. If you’re after something a bit more affordable and different,...

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Khlas Malaki Dates - Sharjah

Khlas Malaki Dates

A sweet shop that specializes in dates, which are packed into small gift boxes and make nice souvenirs.

Phone: 5738383
Location: Corniche Road, near Marbella Resort
Opening Times: Sat to Wed 9am -1pm, 4-8pm, Fri 4-8pm...

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Sharjah Mega Mall - Sharjah

Sharjah Mega Mall

A real exercise in luxury with over 140 designer shops, cafes including a Starbucks, restaurants, cinemas and a 24hr supermarket. There is also Antic Land, the first and largest indoor theme park which has a monorail, rollercoaster, haunted house, 3D cinema with the latest kid’s movies, and a...

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Souq al-Arsa - Sharjah

Souq al-Arsa

Located in the Heritage Area in the UAE’s oldest souq, you’ll find some decent-quality handi-crafts, carpets and souvenirs. Get ready for some intense haggling.

Opening Times: Sat-Thu 9am-1:30pm and 4-10pm, Fri 9am-noon and 4-10pm...

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