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ImageTaxis in Dubai are relatively cheap over short distances, but can prove expensive for long distance travel.  If you and your destination are not along the metro or a convenient bus route, a taxi is just about your only option.  There is no shortage of them throughout the city and cabstands are located outside all of the malls.  Make sure to get a receipt in case you leave something behind.  Taxis with pink roofs and upholstery are reserved for women and families.

Taxi drivers are not supposed to refuse a destination, but if they do the complaint line for the RTA Taxi Department is 800 9090 (toll free) or 04 208 0888.  If you need a taxi late at night or off the beaten trail, feel free to hit up one of Dubai’s many cab companies:

Gulf Radio Taxi: 04 223 6666
Golden Taxi: 04 336 5444
Orange - Metro Taxi: 04 267 3222
Emirates Taxi: 04 339 4455
Yellow - National Taxi: 04 339 0002/ 04 336 6611
Green - Al Arabia Taxi: 04 285 5566/ toll free 800- 272242
Blue Cars Taxi: 04 269 3344/ toll free 800 227789
Red Taxi: 04 208 0808

Taxis are metered so there is no need to haggle.  Make sure the driver uses the meter.

Day rate (06:00-22:00): 3Dhs plus 1.17Dhs/km
Night rate (22:00-06:00): 3.50Dhs plus 1.70Dhs/km
Airport rate: 20Dhs plus 1.51Dhs/km


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