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Burj Al Arab

ImageDespite all of the hype for the world’s biggest/longest/tallest, the Burj Al Arab remains Dubai’s signature landmark.  The billowing, sail-shaped 321m tall hotel was built to resemble a dhow.  Perhaps the most luxurious hotel on Earth, it is known as “the world’s only seven-star hotel” (even though it’s actually just a five-star deluxe).  Rooms average 8,000Dhs/night.  It’s built on an artificial island 280m off Jumeirah beach.

In addition to the hotel, the Burj Al Arab features two world class restaurants: Al Muntaha, which features spectacular views of Dubai, and Al Mahara, which features a 1,000,000L aquarium.  The views are great but the food may not be worth it.  If you’re planning on visiting, be sure you have a reservation at either the hotel or the restaurant.  Otherwise you’re not getting past the gate.

Location: Beach Road, Jumeirah
Telephone: +971 04 301 7777


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