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Jawhara Garden Hotel

jawhara_Gardens_hotelThe Jawhara brand was born in 1979 when AlHaj Saeed Lootah established the first family hotel in Dubai that offered its services within the guidelines of the United Arab Emirates’ rich culture of hospitality. With the phenomenal growth of tourism and the increasing number of visitors to Dubai, S.S. Lootah Group invested in the hospitality industry, creating the first “Shariah-compliant Hospitality” hotel chain brand “Jawhara”. The Jawhara group of hotels has a growing portfolio of two hotels - ‘Gardens’ and ‘Metro’ as well as Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments, offering more than 300 hotel rooms, suites and furnished apartments. Jawhara Garden Hotel is located near the Deira City Centre and its halal friendly atmosphere is ideal for the Muslim traveler - particularly for those visiting Dubai with their family.

Address: Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel
P. O. Box: 121711
Dubai - U.A.E.
+971 4 2107777
+971 4 2944557

Halal Friendly Hotel Rating provided by     Crescentrating (www.crescentrating.com)This hotel has been classified Halal friendly by Crescentrating.

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