Fast Facts

Location: Dubai is situated on the Arabian Gulf, in the northeastern part of the UAE. It is bordered by a 115 km coastline on one side and is surrounded by the Hajjar mountains on the other.
Dialing code:
Country code for the UAE -- +971
City code for Dubai – 04 For eg. if you are dialling from outside the UAE, you will dial 00971 4 xxx xxxx. Landline to landline phones within Duabi are free except in hotels.

Emergency /Information numbers:

Police: 999
Fire: 997
Ambulance: 998/999
Tourist Information Helpdesk: 04 223 0000
Tourist Police: 800 4438
Coastguard: 04 345 0520
Car Breakdown Service -- Best to contact your car hire company.
Arabian Automobile Association (800 4900 free phone) can also assist.
Highway Patrol: Telephone Directory Services -- 180/181 Telephone Assistance -- 100
Dubai International Airport: 04 224 5555
Flight Enquiry: 04 216 6666
Dubai Taxi: 04 2080808

Languages: Arabic is the official language in the UAE. However English is widely spoken by the diverse community of people residing here. English is also used in business communications. Urdu, Hindi, Farsi and Tagalog is also spoken by a large number of the expat community.
Time zone:
GMT +4 all the year round There is no daylight saving time.

Average January temperatures:
High 23°C Low 14°C
Average July temperatures:High 39°C Low 29°C
Annual rainfall: 13 cm a year
Electricity : 220/240 volts, 50 htz.
Flat 3 pin plugs are standard. If you intend using electrical devices with American specification then you will require an adapter.

Currency: The currency used is the Arab Emirates Dirham (written as Dh, Dhs, or AED). The dirham is divided into 100 fils. There are bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Dhs. There are coins of 25 fils , 50 fils and one dirham.