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ImageThere is no easier way to explore the city than by Abu Dhabi's immeasurable convoy of economical green-and-white taxis. Vehicles often show off idiosyncratic modified décor, needless to mention F1-style drivers. Taxis can be flagged down at the roadside and most drivers can passably communicate in English and are familiar with  popular tourist destinations.  The more upmarket Al Ghazal or NTC taxis can be booked by phone (444 7787 or 622 3300). Taxis are available at your first call and can readily take you to your destination at speed through Abu Dhabi's congested traffic.  If you are taking the local white and gold cabs to the airport, make sure you  skillfully bargain and set a price before you commence on your trip.
For further information on taxis call (02) 444 7228.

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