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Transportation - Getting Around in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Buses - Abu Dhabi


Although contemporary, Abu Dhabi's bus system is slow and clings to no rigid timetable. It runs 24 hours a day and is favored mostly by the local workers due to its  cheap fares. Some of the buses have a maximum capacity of 45 passengers. However, bus drivers have stated that as many as 100...

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Car Hire - Abu Dhabi

Car Hire

More than 100 car rentals are there in Abu Dhabi, offering every available size and make, with or without a chauffeur. For self-drivers, issuance of a provisional local driving license on submission of a valid passport, two photographs, and an international driving license is made possible. The...

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Driving Tips  - Abu Dhabi

Driving Tips

In Abu Dhabi, the road network is well sorted out and the instructions given on signposts are comprehensive and unambiguous. Generally speaking, driving in Abu Dhabi is on the right hand side of the road. Seat belts are obligatory for drivers and passengers on the front seats while it is optional...

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From the airport - Abu Dhabi

From the airport

Travelers may use either a taxi, bus, or a car rental service to commute from the airport to the city. Taxi service includes Al Ghazal transport that provides a trip to the city for Dhs. 65 (US$ 18) and takes around 35 minutes to reach. The bus service is that of Abu Dhabi Municipality running on...

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Taxi - Abu Dhabi


There is no easier way to explore the city than by Abu Dhabi's immeasurable convoy of economical green-and-white taxis. Vehicles often show off idiosyncratic modified décor, needless to mention F1-style drivers. Taxis can be flagged down at the roadside and most drivers can passably communicate in...

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