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Restaurants in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

18 OZ Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

18 OZ Restaurant

18 OZ is a restaurant that doesn’t quite fit the clichéd image of a steakhouse. The beautiful, tidy and chic ambiance automatically makes you glad you chose to come here. And if that’s not enough, the freshly chopped and deliciously dressed salads, excellently succulent steaks and tantalizing...

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Abu Taf - Abu Dhabi

Abu Taf

Dine on a floating restaurant with gentle waves beneath you and you’ll relish an experience like never before!
The restaurant has extraordinary and avant-garde features to present to the customers with its walls adorned with some fine work of art of well-known superstars. People who are...

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Al Arish - Abu Dhabi

Al Arish

Al Arish provides a unique experience for those who are looking for a taste of the delicious Emirati and Lebanese cuisine. With its large variety of fresh salads, main courses which includes several unusual fish items such as ‘Gesheed’ (dried shark with spices), and desserts, this restaurant is...

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Al Atlal - Abu Dhabi

Al Atlal

The restaurant offers light and inexpensive dinner, with its interiors being lowly adorned and its surroundings being so earsplitting that you cannot enjoy your food. However the food is reasonable in taste and is economical. The restaurant offers a multiplicity of staple Arabic cuisines– a...

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Al Ibrahimi - Abu Dhabi

Al Ibrahimi

Al Ibrahimi has a menu of different varieties if you are looking for a taste of Persia. Al Ibrahimi is one of the best places to go, and it provides for group dining, office lunches or food on the go, while keeping on budget! Cuisine: Iranian cuisine Location:...

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Bord Eau Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

Bord Eau Restaurant

Bord Eau offers a modern French cuisine in a chic setting. Regional French ingredients are imported to ensure an authentic menu and an indulging experience. The chic and classic setting makes it the perfect place for a couple’s dinner. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the...

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Chappan Bhog - Abu Dhabi

Chappan Bhog

Although not too well decorated, it offers nice food which is worth having a go at. The sweet-smelling spices hovering in the surroundings props up the fact there are a plethora of cuisines at your disposal in Chappan Bhog. It is vegan restaurant and has therefore nothing to offer to the meat...

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City Café - Abu Dhabi

City Café

City Café presents the expediency of eating dinner and relishing mouthwatering food at any time. The restaurant bids an assorted series of mouthwatering cuisine starting from a continental fare to the traditional, plus a host of drinks varying from tea and coffee to juices. The dailly buffet...

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