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Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC)

ImageThe Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club was inaugurated in 1993 to form a firm organizational ground for powerboat racing in Abu Dhabi. ADIMSC is the backbone of Powerboat racing in conjunction with DIMC in the U.A.E and Gulf region en bloc. It has been chosen as a National Authority of the UAE Marine Sports Federation and presently is a certified member of Union International Motonautique. It manages the International Championships for Formula One Powerboats, Formula 2000 Powerboat, Offshore Powerboats, Jet Ski, Swimming and Air shows. Besides, it has the honor of hosting Air Shows, Moto-Cross and School's summer holidays activities.

Address: P.O. Box 45656, Corniche Rd, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: +971 2 815566 



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