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Organized Tours in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi's Zayed Mosque tours - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Zayed Mosque tours

If you ever have the chance of visiting the UAE in the holy month of Ramadan, don’t miss a  tour of the magnificent  Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The structure itself is a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity and splendor. Another main purpose of this tour is to provide a better...

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Bedouin Eve Desert Safari - Abu Dhabi

Bedouin Eve Desert Safari

A daily tour that unfolds a drive through sand dunes in four wheel drives to end up in a Bedouin village that offers free camel rides, a spectacular view of the sunset and a chance to enjoy a barbeque dinner under the stars. The tour offers thematic Arabic tents complete with traditional carpets. A...

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Desert Balloon Expeditions - Abu Dhabi

Desert Balloon Expeditions

If you long for ditching the city with all its clutter and enjoy a serene yet adventurous experience then the desert balloon expedition would be the perfect choice, as you get to enjoy a ride over the magical yellow sand dunes of the desert. The balloon takes off from a desert oasis located...

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LIWA Oasis - Abu Dhabi

LIWA Oasis

Situated in the southern region of the city, this place encompasses some mind blowing desert sand dunes. Some of the islands which include Dalma, Abu al-Abyad, Sir Bani Yas and others have been transformed into oil terminals, but various other facilities have been put in  place to substitute them....

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Old Fort Abu Dhabi and White Fort Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi

Old Fort Abu Dhabi and White Fort Abu Dhabi

The place which is also known as Al-Hosn Palace is the oldest building in the city. Constructed in the 19th century the building has been completely renovated and has been reconstructed according to contemporary benchmarks of architecture and design. The place also encompasses a Cultural Center...

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Other tour operators - Abu Dhabi

Other tour operators

Net Tours (Abu Dhabi 02 6794656; Dubai 04 2668661)
Email: netmerry@emirates.net.ae
Net Tours has an office on Khalifa St opposite the Sheraton in Abu Dhabi. One of the largest and oldest ground operators in the UAE, it has a large fleet of 4WDs and operates its own...

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Overnight Desert Safari - Abu Dhabi

Overnight Desert Safari

The tour provides you a chance to spend the night in the middle of a desert and enjoy sleeping under a star-studded sky.  Starting at 5pm, the tour takes you to the dessert to enjoy a barbeque dinner, camel rides and a bonfire. Tents and sleeping bags are provided to spend the night. The tour...

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Women's Craft Center Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi

Women's Craft Center Abu Dhabi

One of the most wonderful places to visit in the city where some of the most remarkable handicrafts and artifacts made by the women of Abu Dhabi  are showcased. You can also purchase some of these items at economical rates, such as camel skin bags, ethnic costumes and other traditional craft...

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