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Ferries & Sea Buses

ImageFerries and sea buses are used to cross the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia, as well as to reach the nearby Princes' Islands. Some of the more useful crossings are between Eminönü and Kadiköy; Eminönü and Karaköy; Karaköy and Kadiköy; Besiktas and Üsküdar; Besiktas and Kadiköy; and Karaköy and Haydarpasa.

Bosphorus ferry cruises leave from Eminönü, with stops at Besiktas (near Dolmabahçe Palace and the Çiragan Palace) on its crisscross pattern up the channel. Fares are 4TL and the ferry departs at 10:35 and 13:35. Long-distance ferries or the faster sea buses provide transportation to the Princes' Islands (from Eminönü and Kabatas) and to points along the southern coast of the Marmara Sea.

Note that all public buses, trams, trains, and sea buses accept the AKBIL.  There is a refundable 6TL charge for this device, which is much more convenient than buying tokens.  Rates are slightly discounted and it can be refilled at booths in all the major stations.

For more information on fares and schedules of sea buses contact:

Istanbul City Ferry Lines
Location: Sehir Hatlari Vapurlari
Telephone: +90 0212 244 4233

Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri
Telephone: +09 0212 516 1212
Website: www.ido.com.tr

Port offices (phone numbers given below) can also provide information directly
Bostanci Telephone: (+90) 0216 410 6633
Kabatas Telephone: 0212 249 1558
Kadiköy Telephone: 0212 336 8819
Karaköy Telephone: 0212 251 6144
Yenikapi Telephone: 0212 517 9696


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