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Shopping in Istanbul - Turkey

Abdulla Natural Products  - Istanbul

Abdulla Natural Products

Abdulla Natural Products has available  terry- cloth towels, herbal olive-oil soaps and a bath set for a home-style hamam among its stock.  In the Grand Bazaar
Halicilar Cad. 53
Tel. 212-522-9078
Website: www.abdulla.com

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Avrupa Pasaji - Istanbul

Avrupa Pasaji

This is a narrow gallery of artsy shops selling souvenirs from antique samovars to tiny harem outfits for 2-year-olds.   In the Balikpazari
Near Mesrutiyet Caddesi, Beyoglu

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Beymen Mega Store - Istanbul

Beymen Mega Store

Beymen is a popular chain in Turkey, carrying casual chic clothing for men and women. It is more like a department store, where you can find cosmetics, stationery, furniture and more.     Akmerkez
Tel. 212-282-0380

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Beyoglu  - Istanbul


The Beyoglu district is the location for chain stores of brands such as Diesel, Nike and Puma, but at the same time there are also smaller shops that provide good quality products at more affordable prices. Among these are stores such as Raven, Porto Bello, By Rodo, Pulp, Bondea Fashion and...

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DösimTurkish Handwoven Carpets Sale Center - Istanbul

DösimTurkish Handwoven Carpets Sale Center

This expensive carpets center is run by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture. Artists and craftsmen provide items that are sold at fixed prices. There are several outlets in Sultanahmet. The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamami stocks carpets, kilims, and camel bags.There is a gift shop in the entrance...

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Egyptian Spice Bazaar - Istanbul

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar located in Eminönü is a must-see. It provides great color and atmosphere and is the place to find Turkish delicacies including spices, cheeses and desserts.    Egyptian Spice Bazaar
Misir Çarsisi
Timings: Closed on Sun    

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Grand Bazaar - Istanbul

Grand Bazaar

The precursor to the modern mall, Istanbul's Grand Bazaar (or Kapalıçarşı) is among the largest covered markets in the world.  It has been an important trading center since the mid-fifteenth century.  Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent oversaw a vast enlargement of the bazaar in the 16th...

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Istanbul Handicrafts Center - Istanbul

Istanbul Handicrafts Center

This handicrafts center is the best place to find ceramics, handicrafts and gifts. Items available include hand-painted silks, Anatolian dolls, calligraphy and miniatures made by local artists.
Istanbul Sanatlari Çarsisi
Tel. 212-517-6780

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