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Restaurants in Istanbul - Turkey

Balikçi Sabahattin - Istanbul

Balikçi Sabahattin

Balikçi Sabahattin is part of a group which includes the Hotel Armada, Allafranga, and the Kalkan Han in Kalkan. There are no menus at the restaurant and the staff does not speak English. The main courses vary according to the seasonal catch available.   Type: Seafood

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Carne - Istanbul


Carne provides a friendly and romantic ambiance for diners. Specialties include delicious dishes such as the oven-baked chicken stuffed with apricot and the grilled rack of lamb. The appetizers are also mouthwatering and include items such as salmon tartar and falafel served with...

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Divan Lokantasi - Istanbul

Divan Lokantasi

Divan Lokantasi updates traditional recipes and creates new dishes, which become all the more appetizing when served with classical music in the background. Goat trotters on croutons, poached lamb and veal patties are just some of the dishes to try here.   
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Dubb Indian Restaurant and Gallery - Istanbul

Dubb Indian Restaurant and Gallery

Dubb Indian Restaurant is located in a beautifully restored Ottoman house that is also used as a gallery for the owner's collection of Turkish carpets and kilims. The restaurant consists of four levels and an amazing rooftop terrace view. Customers can choose from a variety of delicious traditional...

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Enginar - Istanbul


Enginar cafe has a pleasant ambiance with attractive lighting and an interior  that looks like an old warehouse. The food is also good and some of the best dishes include crepes and salads.      Type: Turkish
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Feriye Restaurant - Istanbul

Feriye Restaurant

Feriye restaurant has on offer a traditional Ottoman menu. During the summer the tables are shifted out to the seaside terrace, offering a wonderful dining experience. The seafood dishes are very good and the chicken breast stuffed with pistachios is another specialty. The Sunday brunch service is...

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Konyali Topkapi Sarayi Lokantasi - Istanbul

Konyali Topkapi Sarayi Lokantasi

Konyali is an expensive restaurant that has been visited by Jackie Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Mohammad Ali among other famous personalities.  Its menu includes stews, kebabs and eggplant dishes.
  Type: Turkish
Tel: 212-513-9696       Read More

Körfez - Istanbul


The food at Körfez  is great and the ambiance radiates style and elegance. There is also a waterside summer patio tucked into a small cove on the Asian side of the Bosporus with beautiful views of the Rumeli fortress and the Bosporus Bridge. Körfez's best dishes include the salt-baked...

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