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General Information About Istanbul - Turkey

Annual Temperature - Istanbul

Annual Temperature

        8 °C (47 °F)
        3 °C (37°F)

February      High
       9 °C...

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Exchange Rates - Istanbul

Exchange Rates

The currency used in Turkey is the Turkey New Lira (TRY) or the Turkish Yeni Turk Lirasi (YTL).
{loadposition currency}   ...

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Fast Facts - Istanbul

Fast Facts

Northwest of Turkey, on both sides of the river Bosphorus, where the strait enters the Sea of

Local City Name:

1,830.92 sq km
706.9 sq miles
Dialing code:
Area Code: Read More

General Visa Information - Istanbul

General Visa Information

A valid passport or other identification document is required by foreign nationals in order to enter
Turkey. There are two types of visas:

1. Entry visa (single entry, multiple entry and entry with special annotations)
2. Transit visa (single and double transit)Read More

Istanbul History - Istanbul

Istanbul History

Though the region has been founded for thousands of years, Istanbul's historical record dates back to the mid-seventh century BC.  A Greek explorer named Byzas was supposedly told by the Oracle at Delphi to sail up the Hellespont and found a city Bosphorus.  The resulting town was named...

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Istanbul in one Day - Istanbul

Istanbul in one Day

Start your day near Sultanahmet, where many of Istanbul's main sites are located.  First check out Topkapi Palace.  Spend two to three hours exploring this fabulous Ottoman palace.  If possible, try to take in the Harem tour.  Afterwards head up the hill to Hagia Sophia and...

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Istanbul Residents - Istanbul

Istanbul Residents

Istanbul is the largest metropolis in Turkey. Its population is over 11 million people, out of which 75% of the population is Turkish while other ethnic groups include the Kurds, Armenians, Jews and Greeks. Almost 99% of the population is Muslim and a large percentage of population is under 35...

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Istanbul Today - Istanbul

Istanbul Today

Istanbul is one of the world's great cities.  Turkey might struggle with its identity, caught between Europe and the Middle East, but it is a boon for tourists: Istanbul is just as eclectic as one would expect from a city straddling two continents.  Its history only adds to the charm.  Two...

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