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Shopping in Tunis - Tunisia

Boutique Fella - Tunis

Boutique Fella

Run by Tunisia’s world renowned designer Samia Bin Khalifa, the Fella Boutique is a small but pleasing shop with Tunisian heritage captured in the intricate designs and colorful cloths used by the designer. Samia has, since the sixties, bought out many collections of female garments that have...

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Central Market - Tunis

Central Market

Visit the Central Market at least once during your stay. Here one gets to see the daily routine that a typical Tunisian follows and the hustle bustle that surrounds the downtown area. The market is a very good place to buy meat of all kinds, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, olives and an array...

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Centre Commercial TunisCity - Tunis

Centre Commercial TunisCity

Ranked as the biggest mall in the country, TunisCity is a huge 12000 sq meter complex that houses more than 80 high end shops, 10 restaurants and a play area for children. All kinds of shops are located within the mall including clothes, shoes, appliances, dry cleaners, beauty spots, cell phones...

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Ed-Dar - Tunis


An entire mansion encloses the goods that Ed-Dar has to offer to the tourists visiting Tunis. Many treasures from the Tunisian chest have been displayed here at top notch prices. Jewelry, potteries, handicrafts, paintings and pearls highlight the collection and leave the visitors dazed. Though, not...

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Hanout Arab - Tunis

Hanout Arab

One of the more expensive gift shops in the Medina is the famous Hanout Arab with its fixed price exquisite handicrafts, jewelry, rugs, carpets, potteries and tissues. Tourists are allowed to browse the shop at their comfort without hassle from the management.
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Librairie Espace Diwan - Tunis

Librairie Espace Diwan

Need a good book about Tunis? Espace Diwan, situated in the center of the Medina is the answer for all your literary needs during your stay here. From CDs, to Travel guides, to cultural and heritage books to post cards, this shop has it all at affordable prices. Though, most of the literature is in...

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Palais d'Orient - Tunis

Palais d'Orient

Palais d’Orient is the best place one can find in Tunis for hand woven rugs and handicrafts. Located strategically in the Medina lane, the shop is usually crowded with tourists taking the best pick of the stock. With a hint of Tunisian culture apparent in the intricate design, these rugs are...

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Palmarium - Tunis


A downtown shopping arcade, the Palmarium stands three stories tall and houses 200 shops of clothes, shoes, home utensils and other accessories. Most of the brands in this mall are Tunisian; however some international brands like Nike are also seen. For shopping various items in one go at...

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