Dar Hamouda Pacha

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Type: Restaurant & Salon de Thé
Mostly visited by the posh Tunisians, this restaurant is set in a breath taking 18th century palace which winds a beautiful way into the patio outside and the many arch ways connecting different halls. People are seen cherishing their elaborate meals lingering over each bite. In the coffee house in the adjoining hall, that is open from 8am to 8pm, businessmen and families relax with a cup of Turkish coffee or the traditional Arabic shisha.
If you are travelling with family and want a lavish night out, Dar Hamouda Pacha is an excellent choice.

Location: 56, Rue Sidi Ben Arous
    Médina (La Kasbah)
    Tunis 1006
Phone: +216 71 566 584     
Fax: +216 71 561 509

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