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Restaurants in Tunis - Tunisia

Abid - Tunis


Cuisine: Middle Eastern
If you like challenging your taste buds with some spicy food, Abid will not disappoint you. The food here is very affordable but nicely cooked in large portions which are available for as less as 5 TD. Located in the downtown area with a very busy...

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Andalous - Tunis


Cuisine: Tunisian
With a dimly lit ambiance, commendable service and delicious food, Andalous is a personal favorite of many locals. It is located centrally and attracts a large crowd for lunch and dinner with most of Tunisia’s classic specialties sautéed in exotic...

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Café Vert - Tunis

Café Vert

Cuisine: French
Known very well in the metropolis for its fish dishes, Café Vert stands in contrast with the houses in the vicinity because of it ornate terrace colored in green. To keep its regular diners pleased, the café serves a variety of dishes all made out of fresh...

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Chargui - Tunis


Cuisine: Tunisian, Middle Eastern
Chargui has an edge over other restaurants in its location. Giving an extraordinary view of the sea, it is one of the most visited restaurants in the Sidi bou Said district. The blue and white balcony makes for a perfect spot for a romantic...

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Chez Nous - Tunis

Chez Nous

Cuisine: Tunisian
The place is as crowded as a mob hunt! However the food is delicious and gives value for money. A no frills attached place, Chez Nous can fulfill your appetite at any time of the day with local herbs and spices. The only piece of decorations here are the...

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Dar El Jeld - Tunis

Dar El Jeld

Cuisine: Tunisian
Successfully renovated from an administration building to a restaurant, Dar El Jeld is a gem amidst the dusty streets of the Medina. The ambiance inside is nothing less than a palace with oriental carpets, chandeliers, soft Arabic music and a host of waiters waiting to...

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Dar Hamouda Pacha - Tunis

Dar Hamouda Pacha

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Type: Restaurant & Salon de Thé
Mostly visited by the posh Tunisians, this restaurant is set in a breath taking 18th century palace which winds a beautiful way into the patio outside and the many arch ways connecting...

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Hollywood Dinners - Tunis

Hollywood Dinners

Cuisine: French, Mediterranean
Set along the American style, Hollywood Dinners is a one of its kind restaurant in Tunis. Offering authentic French food along with American movies as entertainment for the night, this restaurant is housed in Hotel Oscar and oozes a delightful combination of...

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