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Hotels in Tunis - Tunisia

Blue Oasis Guest House - Tunis

Blue Oasis Guest House

To differentiate itself from other hotels around Tunis, the management here offers a free ride from the airport and interesting information about the historic sites and sunny beaches. Blue Oasis is a very homely hotel with a friendly staff, however it offers limited services in its room that have...

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Carlton Hotel - Tunis

Carlton Hotel

With the Carthage, the Airport and the port of La Goulette clustered close by, the Carlton has been enjoying a very strategic location in the downtown of Tunis since 1926. This hotel is a choice for many a traveler for its affordable prices yet luxurious stay in one of the 80 warmly decorated rooms...

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Dar El-Medina - Tunis

Dar El-Medina

Perhaps the only shining star in the dusty medina is the Dar El Medina, a charming hotel that redefines luxury in Tunis. Its 12 units are equipped with the most advanced amenities together with several cafes and a roof top panoramic view of the city. More than the tangibles, the warm hearted...

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Du Parc, Tunis - Tunis

Du Parc, Tunis

Du Parc prides itself on simplicity and comfort. Located ideally in the center of the city, the hotel houses 51 room units all of which are decorated with tasteful furnishings. All basic amenities like TV, AC and Wi-Fi are provided for in all rooms and the lobby. Together with an indoor sport...

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Golden Tulip El Mechtel - Tunis

Golden Tulip El Mechtel

Situated close to the major attractions of Tunis, the Golden Tulip rises nine stories above other mushroom hotels and has a dominant presence in its district. 450 units all fitted with advance amenities welcome the visitors with great warmth and comfort. Possibly the best feature about the hotel...

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Golf Royal - Tunis

Golf Royal

If you prefer to live close by to all major attractions in Tunis and have a pleasant stay, opt for the Golf Royal hotel. With its spacious lobby and a charming view of green pastures, the hotel fulfills all basic needs of guests and amenities such as telephone, refrigerator, Wi-Fi and AC are...

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Hotel La Maison-Blanche, Tunis - Tunis

Hotel La Maison-Blanche, Tunis

An oasis in the heart of the city center, the La Maison-Blanche is the sole boutique hotel in Tunis. The place has been built on the blueprint of a mansion with high rise ceilings and pillars surrounding the halls. Rooms are decorated extravagantly in warm colors and gold outlines and provide a...

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Hotel Transatlantique  - Tunis

Hotel Transatlantique

Rising up on four floors with a nice view of the city below, the Transatlantique is a very spacious and comfortable hotel with a roof top for romantic sunset moments! The management here is however pretty laid back and visitors do not expect much service from the attendants on call.
If you...

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