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Festivals in Tunis - Tunisia

Handicraft Exhibition - Tunis

Handicraft Exhibition

A creative mix of traditional items including local handicrafts is presented at the Handicraft Exhibition in Tunis. The exhibition is highlighted by displays of hand woven clothes, painted utensils, linen and antique gemmed jewelry. The collection includes some very antique and historic artifacts...

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International Automobile Exhibition - Tunis

International Automobile Exhibition

The Automobile display attracts one of the largest crowds in Tunis. Locals and tourists of all ages flock around the latest model cars displayed at the International Trade Center of Tunis every two years. Luxury cars from BMW, Ford and Porsche make the event pretty high profile and lure many car...

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International Packaging and Printing Exhibition - Tunis

International Packaging and Printing Exhibition

As an effective means of synergizing all sectors involved in the packaging, printing and graphic arts industry, the International Packaging Exhibition is held in Tunis every 2 years. The event brings together all stakeholders of the industry and updates and familiarizes them with the latest...

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Medina Festival - Tunis

Medina Festival

Introducing the Arabic culture to visitors during Ramadan is the Medina Festival, a delightful combination of Music, entertainment and short films. During the event, live performances are displayed by Arabic actors along with vocal varieties of traditional music genres like Sufi and Tarab. The...

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Mediterranean Guitar Festival - Tunis

Mediterranean Guitar Festival

Highlighting the French culture in Tunis is this Musical gala that is organized all across the city to mark the start of the spring season. The Mediterranean guitar Festival is a series of concerts held at various venues featuring music icons from France and Demark in particular. All genres of...

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Trans Sahara Run - Tunis

Trans Sahara Run

Arguably the most adventurous event in all of North Africa is the Trans Sahara Run. During March when the suns heat is mellowed by the cool breeze, participants are gathered for a 6000km drive across the Sahara Desert to the Atlantic Ocean! Teams who take part in the competition have to rely on...

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Tunis Furniture Exhibition - Tunis

Tunis Furniture Exhibition

Liven up your homes with the aesthetic displays at the Furniture Exhibition in Tunis during January. The exhibition displays a vast array of wooden furniture carved to perfection, lighting fixtures and other home decorating accessories. Most furniture retailers and successful furniture enterprises...

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Tunis International Book Fair - Tunis

Tunis International Book Fair

The Tunis International Book Fair is a one of its kind literary event in Tunisia that has an international focus. Books and titles that are sold internationally are introduced in Tunisia through this event and distributors are given a chance to initiate rapport with the local dealers and bookshops....

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