Tunis Today

Tunis has become an attractive tourist spot in Africa, with wide coastlines, refreshing beaches and a variety of water activities on one end of the city. On the other end the city is surrounded by the blazing Sahara desert which stands as a challenging escapade to trekkers and participants of the Sahara run. With such stark contrasts of beaches and deserts, the city has come to be one of mixed cultures, traditions and values where French liberalism alongside Arabic values has framed a very open and accepting mindset of Tunisians.                                      

With historical sites and monuments and tourist inflow, Tunis and Tunisia at large has been exposed to a number of developmental programs to further attract vacationers and increase business activity in the capital. Progress in Research and Development in the agrarian sector, together with technology implementation in the industrial sectors has dotted most of the 21st century in Tunis.

Similar improvements in the transportation networks of the city have enabled a better inflow of tourists who contribute considerably to the country’s economy.