Fast Facts

•    Location: Tunis lies on the Mediterranean coastline of the Gulf of Tunis with beautiful hills surrounding its perimeter and the Sahara surrounding the South of Tunisia. Being the smallest city in North Africa, Tunis is a bundle of surprises with the festive and historical sites in store for visitors.
•    Dialing Codes:  country code: 216 ; city code: 71
•    Emergency (police or ambulance): Police: 197
                                                                Ambulance: 190
                                                                Firefighters: 198
Free emergency call: 112
•    Airport enquiry: Tunis-Carthage Airport : +216 (0)1 755 000    
•    Population:  728453
•    Density: 3,425.9/km2 (8,873/sq mi)
•    Language: Tunisian Arabic, English and French are the most spoken languages with Tunisian Arabic being the official language of the country. Most people in holiday resorts speak English very fluently while French has most importance in academically.
•    Total Spread of city: Tunis covers a total area of 212.63 km2
•    Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
•    Annual Rainfall: 1520mm
•    Highest Summer Temperature: 32
•    Lowest Winter Temperatures: 7