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General Information About Tunis - Tunisia

Annual Temperatures - Tunis

Annual Temperatures

Month    Min. Temp °C    Max. Temp °C
January           7                 15
February        ...

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Best of the city in one day - Tunis

Best of the city in one day

Doing justice to the historic city in one day is impossible! However, in this one day if you explore most of the Medina, the most historic and bustling district of Tunis, you are bound to get a flavor of Tunisian life, culture, history, religion and tradition.

Start your day with a...

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Fast Facts - Tunis

Fast Facts

•    Location: Tunis lies on the Mediterranean coastline of the Gulf of Tunis with beautiful hills surrounding its perimeter and the Sahara surrounding the South of Tunisia. Being the smallest city in North Africa, Tunis is a bundle of surprises with the festive and historical...

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Public Holidays - Tunis

Public Holidays

1st January- New Year’s Day
20th March- Independence Day
21st March- Youth Day
9th April- Martyr’s Day
25th APRIL- Liberation Day
2nd May- Labor Day
25th July- Republic Day
13th August- Women’s Day
7th November- New Era Day
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Tunis History - Tunis

Tunis History

Tunis has been home to world’s greatest civilizations, including the Arabs, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French, all of whom have left their marks on Tunisia’s monuments, culture, language and way of life. Tunis achieved importance as the capital of Tunisia after the 7th...

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Tunis Today - Tunis

Tunis Today

Tunis has become an attractive tourist spot in Africa, with wide coastlines, refreshing beaches and a variety of water activities on one end of the city. On the other end the city is surrounded by the blazing Sahara desert which stands as a challenging escapade to trekkers and participants of the...

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Tunisian Currency  - Tunis

Tunisian Currency

Tunisian Currency  is : Tunisian Dinar ...

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Tunisian Residents - Tunis

Tunisian Residents

Tunis, and Tunisia at large, has a very high percentage of a younger population which dominates most of the activities of the city. Coming from a very diverse social environment, Tunisians are very open to differences in culture, religion and values and are very friendly to tourists. Although...

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