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A night of live poetry, music and light at CUBES, Abu Dhabi

altBahareh, the Iranian-American ‘poetess of light’, will enchant Abu Dhabi’s literature and culture lovers with her mystical poetry, accompanied by live music and a soprano performance at One to One Hotel

Abu Dhabi: Iranian-American poet Bahareh will be reciting fresh selections from her poetry journals at the One to One Hotel in Abu Dhabi on 14 November, Monday, accompanied by Emma Stansfield from the UK on the violin and viola. The evening’s truly international flavour will be further enriched with the South Korean soprano So-Young Park performing one of Bahareh’s poems with pianist Steven Kim.

The November recital at One to One Hotel will take place at Cubes, the underground outlet of the hotel that used to be a nightclub. “When I walked into Cubes, I realised that the angles and spaces underneath the ground reminded me of my journeys within,” said Bahareh explaining why the venue was perfect fit for her recital titled ‘Cell Empty of LIGHT’. Speaking about her poetry, she said: “It is through my writings and my words that I paint pictures of what I see and sense.”

Bahareh has been described as one of Abu Dhabi’s “most eclectic writers” by Abu Dhabi TV. Her mystical poetry captivates her audience with its sensitive depth and simplicity and explores a wide range of powerful themes from the quest for the eternal truth to nature, peace and hope despite the hardest challenges of life. Bahareh has written over 40 poetry journals in English and Persian and has been featured in regional and international media.

“I'm very excited about working with Bahareh. I'm hoping the violin will add an extra dimension to the poetry,” said Emma Stansfield. “I think that together both words and music have the potential to take people to other worlds, perhaps emotional or fantasy and the setting of Cubes at One to One will add to the atmosphere," Stansfield added.

Looking forward to the coming together of music, singing and poetry, So-Young Park will be performing the poem ‘The Angel who Lost his Wings’.  ‘When I read this poem I see the sorrowful eyes of the angel.  Sometimes I think what is the purpose of my life?  And I feel helpless, just like the angel as he sits.  People believe I’m lucky in my life but I dream of having a purpose in my heart – just as the angel flies wingless with his heart.  I’m so happy that Bahareh gave us insight into her story and her mind with this beautiful poem.’ Park Said.

Bahareh’s last recital earlier this year in Abu Dhabi titled ‘Carousel of Life’ was received very well and gained her a niche following in the UAE capital. The audience rejoiced in the colorful journeys she painted with her words and the beautiful live accompaniments of the flute by Sonya Edelman and the traditional Arabic oud by Faisal Al-Saari.

The event is ticketed at 50 aed, tickets can be collected at the reception of One to One Hotel,  024952000

For More information please go to the Events Facebook Page:  Cell Empty of LIGHT

All proceeds go directly to Aid to Laborers and towards facilitating Repatriation of Domestic Workers in Abu Dhabi



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