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Tweets beneficial to hotels

altApril 7 -Social media networking sites are providing means of revenue generation for hotels and resorts across the Middle East, said industry analysts. "While social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming huge, however, it is proving a major struggle for hotel companies to figure out how to profit from them," said Ray Tinston, Sales Director, The Hotel Show, a trade event for the tourism and hospitality sector.
"Social networking is generating a large amount of buzz in hospitality marketing. A recent survey suggested the number of Twitter users in the Middle East and North Africa has increased from 3,000 to around 40,000 in the last 12 months,” he added.
Meanwhile, in the United States independent hotels are reporting revenue generating success by linking their websites and online booking services with social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. "But simply having a high number of Facebook fans or a lot of people following you on Twitter isn't very useful unless they actually click through and book,” said Tinston.

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