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Tourism and hospitality to bring growth and investment

altMay 25 - The hospitality and tourism sectors will lead to more economic growth and investment in Dubai in the next 10 years, said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Supreme Fiscal Committee and Emirates Group. "Dubai is leading a strong tourism rebound in the Middle East. Tourism growth will continue to generate a powerful multiplier effect on the economy due to its strong indirect effect on various other key sectors,” said Al Maktoum, who was speaking at the Menasa Forum in Dubai on Sunday.
"What secures Dubai's growth over the long term is its strong fundamentals - its sound infrastructure base, well-entrenched position as a global and regional business hub, its location between Europe and Asia and at the centre of Menasa and most importantly - the vision and commitment of our leaders,” he added.
He emphasized on improving systemic issues because if ignored it will impede growth. "I believe that the Menasa should play a stronger leadership role in guiding the global economy to a more sustainable growth path. Now is the time for Menasa to use its rising prominence to contribute to global efforts to reshape the economic and financial landscape,” explained Al Maktoum.


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