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Starwood’s Middle East Projects On Track

ImageStarwood Hotel and Resorts Worldwide has 19 project planned in the Gulf region and a senior executive said they will be ready for launch within 2 to 3 years. Eva Ziegler said that Starwood wants to increase its existing offering of 49 hotels in the Middle East, and is also considering expansion in Russia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Levant. Miss Ziegler said “There is no cancellation of projects as yet. The projects are progressing according to schedule. “ Miss Ziegler said Starwood’s target for 2009 is to keep occupancy levels up. She said Le Meridian Hotels in the region are very important as they accounted for about 48% of Starwood’s revenues in 2008.  Le Meridian Doha is scheduled to open this year.


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