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Sharjah Launches 13 New Hotel Projects

ImageThe number of Sharjah hotels and hotel apartment increased by 13 to 4,248, according to the tourism development authority. Sharjah’s hotel classification system, which came into force in 2008, has been important in increasing occupancy levels.  The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority implemented the system in order to help the tourism sector compete globally.     

SCTDA Licensing and Classification Manager, Maysoon Al Hosani, said “The classification process takes into account such criteria as geographic location, technical and entertainment facilities, the condition of the building and the level of luxury and services and facilities, as well as the professionalism of the hotel staff.”   Sharjah has been actively developing its tourism sector over the past five years.  Investment activity reports show the emirate began numerous infrastructure development projects in 2009.  Sharjah’s nominal economic growth increased 20.6 per cent in 2008.


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