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Saudi Arabia Tourism Sector Growing 30 Percent

altDr. Naseer Aqeel Al Tayyar, a leading figure in the tourism industry, said the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is growing at a robust rate of 30 percent.  The volume of the Kingdom’s tourism sector is estimated to be 80 billion riyals, not including the fast-growing religious tourism sector. Dr. Al Tayyar, who is president and managing director of Al Tayyar Travel and Tourism Group, said the current 30 percent growth rate shows the vast potential of tourism in the Kingdom’s investment friendly environment, combined with political stability and a healthy economy.

Saudis, other Arab nationals, and foreign investors have fueled growth of the tourism sector with a huge inflow of foreign capital and investments. Dr. Al Tayyar said “The travel and tourism industry has gained prominence among national industries and proved to be a great source of national income.  There is also a promising future for domestic tourism.”

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