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Safir Hotels and Resorts considering expansion

altMay 9 - Kuwaiti hotel group Safir Hotels and Resorts has announced that it will triple the number of its properties by 2015. "Even in the midst of global economic uncertainty our expansion will fare exceptionally well thanks to our resilience proven in surviving the Kuwaiti invasion. We know how to operate in challenging environments without downgrading our service," Helmut Meckelburg, chief executive of Safir International Hotel Management said.
The group opened a hotel in Karbala, Iraq, in September 2009 and currently, it’s running at 90 per cent occupancy, he said.
Safir is a subsidiary of Kuwait Hotels Company and has been in the business since 1993. "We are privately run yet with the government as a silent shareholder. So we enjoy a strong financial background," Meckelburg said.


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