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STR Global: Dubai Still Leads Hotel Construction

altThe January STR Global Construction Pipeline Report shows that Dubai continues to lead in hotel construction, with 30,222 rooms in the total active pipeline and 15,563 rooms in the ‘In Construction’ phase.  The figures for Dubai come even as industry experts express concern that there may be an oversupply of hotels in the emirate this year. The STR report shows that 14 new hotels with over 3,000 rooms have been added to the development pipeline for the Middle East and Africa since December.   A total of 456 hotels representing 123,764 rooms are now in the total active pipeline for the region.

Abu Dhabi had the second highest number of rooms in the active pipeline at 13,596, with 7,200 rooms in the ‘In Construction phase’.  Among all the countries in the region, the UAE reported the highest number of rooms in the total active pipeline and in the ‘In Construction’ phase. 


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