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STR Global: 437 Hotels In MENA Pipeline

ImageSTR Global Hotel Industry analysts calculate that there are currently 437 hotels under construction in the Middle East and Africa regions (MENA) representing more than 74,000 rooms.  There were 634,226 hotel rooms in the MENA region in October, and another 120,000 in the planning and construction pipeline, according to the latest figures. UAE had the biggest number of hotel rooms in the active pipeline at 53,789 rooms in October, although this was 3,000 less than the previous month.

The STR report said that the UAE added 30,000 rooms in the construction phase in October.  The hotel sector in Saudi Arabia had the second highest number of hotel rooms in the active pipeline during October with 13,469 rooms and 7,406 rooms in the In Construction phase.  This is 3,000 less than in the previous month.  Morocco had 6,640 rooms in the active pipeline and Qatar had 5,408.


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