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Roya and Deloitte sign MoU for sharing expertise

altRoya International and Deloitte have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the provision of Hotel Management Oversight (HMO) services in the Middle East. The service targets investors, hotel owners/operators and government entities and will yield enhance business values and returns.

“This is an exciting time for all of us. By joining forces, the Roya and Deloitte teams will have the ability to offer unparalleled HMO services. As with all of our asset-management clients, our goal will be to work closely with hotel owners and hotel operators to ensure the property's financial performance, as well as sales and marketing efforts, service quality, maintenance, and capital expenditure, are all aligned with the hotels' owners strategic objectives and the hotels' operators management agreement. If clients are seeking a trustworthy and credible partner, focused on maximizing the value of their hospitality assets, they need look no further than Roya and Deloitte for their HMO requirements,” said Ahmad Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer, Roya International.

Meanwhile, Firas Eid, consulting partner, Deloitte, Middle East said that “the collaboration is all about developing tailored, personalized consultation along with building trust-based relationships, creating innovative solutions and ensuring that all this array of services is delivered by people with the skills and passion to help.”


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