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Rixos Downtown Antalya - the New Landmark Among the Hotels in Antalya

altRixos Hotels has taken over the iconic Sheraton Voyager in Antalya, which will reopen as 'Rixos Downtown Antalya'

Rixos Hotels is the Turkish superbrand in tourism and hospitality dedicated to first class service and unmatched quality. Rixos has recently added the former Sheraton Voyager to its existing Antalya portofolio. The property was owned by Dogus Tourism Group up until January 2011 and from now onwards Rixos will operate the hotel under the name 'Rixos Down Town Antalya'.

Renovation works will be completed by July this year and the reopening is planned just in time for the summer season 2011.

The hotel is located in the heart of the Antalya city centre on 44.000 m2. Its proximity to the Airport places Rixos Downtown Antalya in prime location with only 18 km distance from the airport.

Rixos is now boosting more than 7500 rooms in Antalya and has raised the number of its hotels to 14 with its newest addition Rixos Down Town Antalya and Pera Royal Hotel in Istanbul. 



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