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Online Poll: Dubai Should Offer More Than Luxury Hotels

ImageAn online poll showed that most people believe Dubai should move away from expensive, luxury hotels and offer alternatives in order to continue increasing the number of tourists to the emirate. Over 60 percent of those who took the survey believe Dubai is receiving less visitors due to its image as an expensive city, and this is because travelers are cutting back on luxuries during the global economic slowdown. 

These views are consistent with those of PR expert Max Guru, who said several weeks ago that Dubai needs to develop a softer image to make sure the tourism industry continues to grow.  About 62 percent of those surveyed said hotel prices are too high and need to be reduced.  Another 23 percent said that while Dubai has successfully established itself as a luxury destination, it should now broaden its appeal and offer more value.  Only six percent of survey respondents said Dubai should not change, because the emirate has continued to attract visitors during the economic downturn.


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