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New Iconic Properties Stretch UAE’s Vertical Limit

ImageAfter a year of cancelled projects, construction delays, and difficult financing, the year 2010 brings renewed hope for the hospitality industry with the opening of many iconic properties that stretch the landscape of the UAE.

Last night the world watched the grand opening of the Burj Khalifa with amazement. The iconic tower, the world’s tallest, will also be home to the opulent 37 floor Armani Hotel.  Each floor of the 160 storey Burj Khalifa cost about Dh34.3 million to design and construct, and the entire project cost about Dh 5.5 billion. The Armani Hotel will have 175 rooms, with furnishings designed by the company’s micro-brand, Armani Casa, and a luxurious spa spanning 40,000 square meters.   The Emerald Palace  Kempinski, The Palm Jumeirah, will also open its doors later this year.  The project was delayed but now the luxury hotel and residences is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2010.


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