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New Dubai Hotel Gives Croissants, Juice To Cabbies

ImageThe newly opened Gold Swiss-Belhotel on Al Mina Road in Dubai has been giving free bags of croissants, juice, and chocolate bars to cabbies in the hotels driveway so they will remember the hotel and the location. Deepak Dahiya, Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel said in the past there were times when the taxi did not know the location of the hotel, and this caused guests arriving at the airport to reach the hotel late. 

Dahiya said “We hope to have addressed this issue using the taxi driver awareness campaign.”  He said the aim of the program is to reach out to as many taxi drivers as possible.  The hotel gave away the free bags of croissants to 750 taxi drivers during two shifts at the Dubai International Airport on Sunday, and hoped to reach another 1,500 in the hotel driveway yesterday.  The initiative has cost approximately Dh17,000.


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