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Meydan opens in Dubai

altMarch 13- Meydan, the world’s first trackside hotel, was opened this month. The hotel is a significant component of Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse, which is the official venue of the world’s richest horse racing event, Dubai World Cup.

The hotel has 285 rooms and offers an unobstructed view of the racecourse because of the private balconies in each suite. Besides that, guests can enjoy the races from the infinity pool on the hotel’s rooftop. “The Meydan and its offering of unique experiences is a gift not only to the racing world, but for all who can appreciate superior service and hospitality excellence. We are especially pleased to open The Meydan in time for this year's Dubai World Cup where a room at the The Meydan will naturally make this already special occasion a once in a lifetime experience,” said Abdin Nasralla, Vice President, Meydan Hotels and Hospitality Division.


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