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Metropolitan Hotel celebrates 32nd anniversary

March 29 - The alt the oldest hotel in the region, has launched month-long celebrations for its 32nd anniversary. The theme for the celebrations is “Rediscover the Metropolitan.”
Inaugurated in 1979, the hotel is commemorating the hotel’s history, which itself is a true testimonial of the UAE’s hospitality industry. The Metropolitan has been in the foray to serve business, pleasure and leisure guests from across the globe. Khalaf Al Habtoor, the Chairman of Al Habtoor Group said “It was with the launch of this hotel that I entered into the hospitality industry and that was a time when development was not a much heard word in the region. Today, there is only development everywhere in our country and I feel proud for taking that bold step 32 years ago. Our hospitality wing, Habtoor Hotels is serving guests across the region through its various star hotels and resorts.” 


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