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Marriot International Will Open 21 Hotels In UAE By 2015

ImageUS based Marriot International plans to more than double its portfolio of properties in the Middle East, by adding another 21 hotels (6,026 rooms) in the UAE by 2015.  This will bring its portfolio of hotels to 71 or almost 20,000 rooms.  Currently there are 27 Marriot International branded hotels (8,191 rooms) operating in the region.  There are 44 hotels representing 10,800 rooms currently under construction or in advanced planning.

Next February the company will open regional headquarters in Dubai because of the increasing number of opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.   Ed Fuller, President and Managing Director of International Lodging for Marriot said “The opening of our new regional headquarters in Dubai recognizes the dynamic nature of tourism in the Middle East and the emergence of Africa as a viable destination for business and leisure travel.”. 


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