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Hotels.com: Dubai October Hotel Room Rates Highest Worldwide

ImageThe hotels.com website published its global price index and it shows that average room rates in Dubai are the highest in the world in October 2009.  According to the Hotels.com-Relaxnews Hotel Price Barometer, the average room rate for one night in Dubai was $226.  Only New York had average prices this high.   Thirty holiday destinations were included in the survey, and Dubai was one of two that saw a month to month increase in room rates. 

Hotel.com-Relaxnews Hotel Barometer results are based on the average room rates of several thousand hotels in thirty of the most popular travel destinations in the world.   The report shows that room rates fell 22 per cent since last year and 14 per cent since September.  Dubai’s hotel room rates have increased 10 per cent since September, although room rates are 30 percent cheaper than in October 2008.


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