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Hotels Will Spend $1.25 Billion On Kitchens, Laundries

ImageMarket research company Pro Leads data shows that hotel owners and operators across the Gulf will spend over $1.25 billion (Dh5 bn) on kitchens and laundries for new properties.   UAE will spend about $427 million of this amount but as new projects are completed spending will decline to $390m in 2010.   Proleads forecast that kitchen and laundry budgets in new hotels in other GCC countries will continue to grow. 

Maggie Moore, Exhibition Director of The Hotel Show said “While globally the hotel sector is experiencing something of a slowdown, substantial new business is available for hotel equipment and service providers in what is still a growing industry.”   Moore said the Middle East is one of the few regions in the world where hotel kitchen equipment suppliers can find new markets.   Kitchen and laundry equipment comprises about 2.12% of a hotel projects value.                


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