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Hotels Add Value With Language Classes, Golf Lessons

ImageThe hotel industry believes customers will be more loyal if there is value added to their stay with courses like language classes, golf lessons, and culinary arts training.  An increasingly common mantra among those in the hospitality industry is there should be focus on the basics and enhancing people’s skills.  Executive Chairman of Jumeirah Group said he believes that there is a clear change in hotel guests expectations. 

Gerald Lawless said “More and more of these people want to not just say ‘I’ve been on holiday and sat on the beach’, but they want to return saying ‘I’ve really enhanced my life skills or lifestyle.’”  Lawless said some activities they are developing include short courses about Middle East culinary art at Emirates Academy, or guided tours to cultural foundations and visits to mosques to teach visitors about Islamic culture.  Lawless said these kinds of activities are “a great way to develop the luxury travel industry.”


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