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Hotel occupancy in the UAE on the rise because of flight delays

altApril 19-Hotel across the UAE are witnessing an increase in occupancy as a result of stranded passengers after the suspension of flights to European countries. The flights have been grounded owing to the Iceland volcano ash that has caused many airlines to cancel their services to European countries. In this regard, the hotels that are closest to the Dubai Airport have benefitted the most. The Renaissance Dubai Hotel in Deira has seen a 25 per cent jump in occupancy and a spokesperson said the stranded passengers have extended their stay by an average of two to three nights.

Similarly, the Millennium Airport Hotel, Dubai, has reported full occupancy for the last two days. Naeem Darkazally, area director of sales and marketing for the Rotana Dubai and Northern Emirates, said occupancy rates in their hotels have risen by an average of 10 per cent.
“This increase has covered the gap from the bookings which was cancelled by guests who have not been able to make their flights to Dubai,” added Darkazally.


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