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Hospitality Management Holdings to open two hotels in Qatar

altMay 9 - Hospitality Management Holdings (HMH), based in Dubai, announced it is expanding in the Levant and Qatar.  HMH first entered Lebanon with its Coral Hotels and Resorts brand in Beirut and announced it will also open two hotels in Qatar.  “Beirut is booming and so is the hospitality industry in the city. We believe there is an enormous potential for our brand in Lebanon, which is emerging as a leading tourism and business hub in the region” said Michel Loblet, CEO of HMH. He said the company’s objective with Coral Suites and Al Hamra is to provide an authentic local experience with modern luxuries that discerning travelers expect from world class properties.  Coral Suites Al Hamra is owned by Sheikh Faisal bin Sultan Al Qassimi and has 100 rooms.

The countries of Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt combined account for about 40 percent of the 10 million visitors to the Middle East every year.  More than 2 million tourists are expected to visit Lebanon this year, although there is a substantial imbalance between the hospitality infrastructure and growth potential in Lebanon.


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