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French Hotel Chain ‘Le Concord’ To Expand In Tunisia

ImageGeneral Manager of the French Hotel chain ‘Le Concord’ announced that the chain will increase its activities in Tunisia by building two new hotels by 2012. One of the hotels will be located near a unit it is currently operating at the Berges du Lac in Tunis, and the other will located in Bizerta, north of Tunisia. 

The Birzerta unit is part of the “Bizerta Cap 3000” project which involves building  marinas, hotels, shopping malls, and recreational facilities.  The announcement came on Thursday during a visit by the Minister for Tourism, Mr. Khelil Laajimi to the Concorde Les Berges du Lac Hotel on New Years Eve.  Mr. Laajimi visited the hotel as part of a nationwide campaign to ensure quality of services and hygiene in the country’s tourist facilities.


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