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Four new hotels in Saudi Arabia by 2012: Elaf

altElaf Group of Companies is looking to expand its portfolio in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by opening four new hotels by 2012, said the President of the company, Ziyad Bin Mahfouz. He pointed out that the current trends with respect to tourism within KSA have made locations within the country more attractive to Saudi nationals. “Elaf Group's strategy is to complement the growing focus on domestic tourism by developing dedicated services and product offerings that add value to the travel experience of domestic tourists. Moreover, Elaf Group conducts its business and investment activities in accordance with the Shariah law, which gives us greater leverage to cater to the distinct requirements of local travellers,” he added.

Elaf Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of travel and tourism packages, boarding passes, visit visa issuance, conventions and conferences, charter flights, international driving license issuance, catering, contract furnishings, travellers' transportation, and even landing arrangements and permissions.


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