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Emirates Sends Newlyweds Around the World on 'Wedding World Tour'

altEmirates is making matrimony even more blissful for 'Wedding World Tour' newlyweds Jason and April Niedle. Deciding to discover the meaning of marriage in different cultures, the Niedles, married in Los Angeles on February 11, are en route to explore culturally unique, distinct wedding ceremonies in Thailand, Kenya and Greece.

The couple will experience the use of elephants in a Thai ceremony; a traditional Masai village ceremony in Kenya; come face to face with a Greek Orthodox minister and experience an exciting 24-hour "honeymoon" in Dubai. To follow Jason and April's Wedding World Tour on Emirates, visit Jason Niedle's blog at: www.jasontopia.com.

The "Wedding World Tour" highlights Emirates' extensive network of over 100 cities worldwide, perfect for couples looking for luxury, comfort and superior service as they embark on life's most exciting journey. 



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