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Emirates Moves Forward With Expansion Plans - Cautiously

ImageA senior executive with Emirates Hotels said they are moving cautiously forward with their expansion plans.  Senior Vice President of resorts and projects at Emirates Hotels and Resorts explained a lot of brands make the mistake of setting a target of a certain number of properties, then, “What invariably happens is if you start saying you’re going to have 50 properties..then slowly you erode against the brand standard.” 

Tony Williams said when branding a hotel it is important to make sure the standards are consistent.   He said Emirates is different from many other hotel companies in the UAE because they do not have any specific plans to develop at a rapid pace with a specific number of hotels. Instead, they are focusing on a limited number of luxury conservation resorts as the global economy improves.  Emirates Hotels opened its first property abroad this month, the A$125 million (Dh425.9mm) Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in New South Wales, Australia


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