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Dubai’s Coral Hotels Opens First Property In South Africa

altDubai’s Coral Hotels and Resorts opened its first hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.  This is the first time the UAE home grown chain has opened a property in South Africa, and comes well before the FIFA World Cup to be held this summer. The Coral International Cape Town has been under construction since the first quarter of 2007, and cost about $40 million to build. 

The hotel is owned by Cii Hotel & Resorts Cape Town (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Cii Holdings (Pty) Ltd.   Hamza Farooqi, Group CEO for Cii Holdings told a gathering at the opening ceremony, that the hotels opening is a very exciting event as all eyes turn to South Africa with the approach of the FIFA World Cup 2010.   Farooqi said “The coming months will see an enormous surge in tourism as the nation gears up to host the biggest event of its kind ever held in South Africa and we are ready for a challenge.”


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